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Geneva Call at the Paris Peace Forum 2020 – Tracking Armed Non-State Actors’ responses to COVID-19

On 11-13 November 2020, Geneva Call will be presenting at the Paris Peace Forum its Armed non-State Actors COVID-19 Response Monitor, an innovative tool that monitors the policies and measures armed non-State actors (ANSAs) have adopted in response to COVID-19. The third edition of the Forum will gather more than 50 heads of States and governments as well as civil society and all actors of global governance to get hold of a global response to COVID-19.



In many conflict areas affected by the spread of COVID-19, ANSAs have adopted measures to respond to the pandemic in the territories they control. 

By making information on such measures available on its Armed non-State Actors COVID-19 Response Monitor, Geneva Call provides the international community with a clearer picture of the situation in ANSA-controlled areas. As international support has largely focused on States, thus overlooking populations living in territories controlled by ANSAs, Geneva Call’s initiative aims to develop better humanitarian avenues to this global pandemic.

Interested in learning more about this project and in participating in the Forum?  Register online via their invitation request tool.


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