Reporting Complaints / Integrity Hotline

When to submit a report to Geneva Call

Geneva Call is committed to ensuring the highest professional standards at all levels of its operations and is committed to investigating any suspected or actual violations of these standards.

Geneva Call’s mission and organisational values mandate all its staff, consultants and interns to perform their duties in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Geneva Call employees may not engage in any form of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour. At the same time, Geneva Call employees must also be protected from any form of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour. Geneva Call also extends these same standards to its contractors and partners for all service provision and joint or associated activities.

All Geneva Call stakeholders are invited to report any suspected or actual misconduct or inappropriate behaviour by Geneva Call employees, contractors or partners, including but not limited to:

  • Conflicts of interest, corruption, fraud, misappropriation of funds, extortion, or incentives.
  • Sexual exploitation or abuse.
  • All instances of violence, harassment, or discrimination.
  • Child exploitation or abuse.
  • Breaches of safety and security standards.
  • Actions that may negatively affect the integrity and good standing of Geneva Call.
  • Other form of abuse of authority, unethical behaviour, wrong-doing or misconduct.

The information you provide is received by Geneva Call’s ethics and compliance specialist on a totally confidential basis. The ethics and compliance specialist will analyse the report and initiate a process that will be tailored to the content or nature of the report.

Thank you for your support of Geneva Call’s work.

How to submit a report

To submit a report, please follow the template guidance below. The more precise and detailed your report the easier it is for Geneva Call to take prompt and appropriate action.

  1. The nature of the misconduct or inappropriate behaviour being reported.
  2. Details of the incident(s) being reported, including the date(s), time(s), location(s), persons involved, precisely what was observed and by whom, possible evidence, other witnesses.
  3. Your relationship to Geneva Call, and if the report is being submitted on behalf of someone else your relationship to that person.
  4.  Please indicate:
    • if you want your report to be treated anonymously.
    • if you are willing to be contacted by Geneva Call in relation to your report.
    • if you would like to receive information concerning the handling of your report.

Please submit your completed report by email to

After you have made your submission, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement confirming receipt. Geneva Call responds to all submissions requesting a response. Geneva Call treats all submissions with the utmost urgency.  However reports may not receive an immediate response depending on the seriousness and complexity of the issue(s) identified. As a benchmark, Geneva Call endeavors to respond within ten working days. When necessary, Geneva Call may request additional information.

When not to submit a report

Please do not report events presenting an immediate threat to safety, security, or property. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your relevant local authorities.


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