Responses without a territorial scope


Armed Non-State Actors (ANSAs), including those that control territory, respond to COVID-19 by adopting new policies and implementing measures. Against this background, the ANSA COVID-19 Response Monitor provides a tracking of such practices.

The Response Monitor includes a broad variety of unilateral declarations and public statements made by ANSAs in response to COVID-19 and documented measures taken by ANSAs. For the purposes of the Response Monitor, Geneva Call uses a broad understanding of ANSAs that covers many type of actors, including de facto authorities, non- or partially internationally recognized States, armed opposition movements, movements of national liberation, paramilitary units, vigilante groups or self-defence militia, armed gangs and cartels.


Further commitments adopted by ANSAs on the protection of health care as well as on other thematic areas can be found in Geneva Call’s Their Words.


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