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In light of the escalation of violence in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Geneva Call relaunches a campaign to promote respect for IHL in the Middle East.

It is with deep concern that we follow the ongoing escalation of violence in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, particularly Gaza, where civilians, and especially children, are tragically bearing the brunt of decades of armed conflict. Building on our longstanding engagement with weapon bearers in the Middle East region, Geneva Call decided to intensify […]

Empowering communities to trigger positive change from armed groups in South Sudan: a story of heightened safety and food security

In Ikpiro, South Sudan, the empowerment of communities to advocate for their own rights and protection facilitated the relocation of an armed group. This led to a notable reduction in violence against civilians, resulting in an enhanced sense of safety and subsequently benefiting food security in the area. Since 2013, South Sudan has been ravaged […]

Geneva Call is thrilled to release its 2022 Annual Report

We are pleased to present Geneva Call’s 2022 Annual Report – “Committing to Respect “ – showcasing the impact of our efforts and accomplishments in promoting humanitarian norms and principles among armed groups and de facto authorities (AGDAs). In a world where approximately 175 million people see their daily lives impacted by the behavior of […]

Geneva Call appoints Atif Hameed as its new Director of Operations

Geneva Call is pleased to announce the appointment of Atif Hameed as our new Director of Operations. With more than 23 years of extensive field and policy-level experience in the humanitarian and peacebuilding sectors, including five years at Geneva Call, Mr. Hameed has worked in both conflict and post-conflict situations and brings a wealth of […]

Media inquiries


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