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“Your donation is in good hands”: Zewo Quality Seal awarded to Geneva Call 

Geneva Call was awarded the Zewo quality seal in December 2023. The Zewo Foundation is the certifying body for all charitable non-profit organizations collecting donations in Switzerland. This is a recognition of the organization’s solid accountability and transparency. 

Verified trust 

Zewo’s quality seal is a beacon of good governance and robustness for the donors of seal holders. It is only rewarded and renewed upon the fulfilment of 21 standards, which include not only economical but also organizational and ethical indicators. Notable prerequisites include charitability and integrity of the organization as well as internal checks and balances. Most importantly, standards like efficiency, efficacy, and transparency certify that seal holders make financially reasonable and impactful use of their funds and issue corresponding information to donors and the public. By receiving the Zewo verification, Geneva Call is honored to join the ranks of other Switzerland-based and Zewo-certified international NGOs like Save The Children, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Fondation Hirondelle among others. 

Geneva Call’s track record 

The award of the quality seal marks the successful completion of a thorough due diligence process done by Zewo. Geneva Call’s Director for External Relations and Support Services, Linda Ryan, stated: “This certification was made possible by the joint effort of all of Geneva Call’s staff. We also see this quality seal as a confirmation of the course we have been on over the past few years: Significant yet sustainable growth, made possible by diligent accountability.”  


Geneva Call has always been dedicated to the adherence to all established guidelines. Succinctly put by Anila Hazizi, Head of Donor Relations: “We feel honored by the trust placed in Geneva Call by our long-standing partners. The Zewo quality seal will also act as a recognizable signal towards potential future partners and donors, which we greatly appreciate.” Fueled by the confidence of now being Zewo-certified, Geneva Call remains committed to transparency, accountability, and impact in humanitarian action, and will continue to operate according to the highest standards and regulations. 


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