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Burmese rebel groups commit to ban anti-personnel (AP) landmines

Burmese Rebel Groups Commit to Ban Anti-personnel (AP) Landmines. New Success for Geneva Call Geneva – 5 December 2003 Today Geneva Call announced an agreement by the Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO) and the National United Party of Arakan (NUPA) to ban all use of anti-personnel mines and victim activated explosive devices. Both groups recently […]

War in Iraq: Geneva Call appeals to all parties to respect international humanitarian law

War in Iraq: Geneva Call appeals to all parties that may be involved in military action to refrain from using anti-personnel mines and to respect international humanitarian law. Geneva Call condemns the illegal invasion of Iraq in the clear absence of UN Security Council approval. This constitutes a grave step back in the international rule […]

Somali factions commit themselves under Geneva Call to ban anti-personal mines

Somali Factions Commit Themselves under Geneva Call to Ban Anti-personal Mines 12 November 2002 Somali factions, including the Transitional National Government (cf. below list), gathering under the auspices of IGAD in Eldoret, Kenya, signed on Monday, the 11th of November, 2002, the Deed of Commitment under Geneva Call for Adherence to a Total Ban of Anti-Personnel Mines […]

New humanitarian mechanism for rebel groups succefully tested in the Philippines: international mission meets with MILF leaders in Mindanao and Manila

New humanitarian mechanism for rebel groups successfully tested in the Philippines: International mission meets with Moro Islamic Liberation Front leaders in Mindanao and Manila Geneva Call, a new international humanitarian organization working to secure respect for humanitarian norms by armed groups world-wide, has just released the 27-page report of a six-member mission which visited and […]

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