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One double amputee’s marathon for a mine free-world – from Cairo to Cape Town in 120 days

One double amputee’s marathon for a mine-free world – from Cairo to Cape Town in 120 days 17 January 2004 Today in Cairo, Swiss double amputee and ultra-distance cyclist Armin Köhli embarks upon one of the longest, most demanding bike races in the world, in one of the most mine-affected continents in the world – […]

Burundi: the CNDD-FDD commits to respect the ban on anti-personnel landmines and to cooperate in mine action

Burundi: the CNDD-FDD Commits to Respect the Ban on Anti-personnel Landmines and to Cooperate in Mine Action Geneva – 15 December 2003 The Conseil National pour la Défense de la Démocratie-Forces pour la Défense de la Démocratie (CNDD-FDD) stated today at a ceremony in Geneva its support for a total ban on anti-personnel mines. This […]

Burmese rebel groups commit to ban anti-personnel (AP) landmines

Burmese Rebel Groups Commit to Ban Anti-personnel (AP) Landmines. New Success for Geneva Call Geneva – 5 December 2003 Today Geneva Call announced an agreement by the Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO) and the National United Party of Arakan (NUPA) to ban all use of anti-personnel mines and victim activated explosive devices. Both groups recently […]

War in Iraq: Geneva Call appeals to all parties to respect international humanitarian law

War in Iraq: Geneva Call appeals to all parties that may be involved in military action to refrain from using anti-personnel mines and to respect international humanitarian law. Geneva Call condemns the illegal invasion of Iraq in the clear absence of UN Security Council approval. This constitutes a grave step back in the international rule […]

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