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Landmark high-level meeting between Geneva Call and the Sudanese authorities on the respect of IHL and the protection of civilians

As part of its ongoing humanitarian dialogue on the protection of civilians, Geneva Call held meetings with the Sudanese authorities during a visit to Khartoum between 11 and 13 September 2018.


The Sudanese authorities recognised that Geneva Call could make a contribution to improving compliance with the norms of international humanitarian law by the parties to the conflict and invited Geneva Call to take steps to formally register in the country. By enabling the organisation to access the conflict-affected regions, the Sudanese authorities are supporting Geneva Call’s mission to improve the protection of civilians.


“Strengthened understanding and respect of International Humanitarian Law by all armed actors is the key to reducing the suffering of families living in Sudan’s conflict-affected areas,” Geneva Call’s Director of Operations, Hichem Khadhraoui said during the three-day visit to Khartoum. He went on the explain that “the constructive dialogue in which the Sudanese administration is engaging is helping to facilitate humanitarian access to populations affected by the conflict.”


In addition to these bilateral meetings, Geneva Call also successfully conducted a session on the main norms of International Humanitarian Law for 38 security personnel of the Sudanese authorities.


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