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Geneva Call launches its “Fighter not Killer” Facebook campaign in Libya

In light of the latest escalation of the conflict in Libya, Geneva Call is launching a campaign to raise awareness about the rules of war among all parties to the conflict in Libya. Geneva Call’s “Fighter not Killer” Facebook campaign will be disseminated extensively in Tripoli and the surrounding cities of Sabha and Benghazi, with the aim of reaching combatants from all parties and reminding them of their obligation to respect humanitarian norms. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to alleviate the suffering of the civilian population. The campaign also addresses civilians, to encourage them to promote these norms and advocate for improved protection.

In the Libyan conflict, all parties to the conflict have committed violations of IHL, such as indiscriminate attacks, kidnappings, summary executions, refusal of humanitarian access, ill-treatment in detention, sexual violence and the targeting of hospitals and schools.

According to Catherine Hiltzer, Head of the Africa Region at Geneva Call:

“Warring parties must respect the principles of distinction, proportionality and precautionary measures, and ensure fundamental guarantees are available for those who surrender or are in detention. Furthermore, humanitarian workers, including medical personnel, enjoy special protection under IHL”.

This new campaign is one of many efforts carried out by Geneva Call to promote international humanitarian norms in Libya. Geneva Call has been active in Libya since 2017, where the organisation has initiated a humanitarian dialogue with armed actors, with the aim of influencing their policies to protect the civilian population.



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