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Democratic Republic of the Congo : Geneva Call obtains a formal engagement from the Armed non-State Actor APCLS to facilitate humanitarian access

Following a drastic deterioration of access conditions for humanitarian workers in North Kivu (abductions, hold-ups, thefts and attacks), Geneva Call has initiated a sustained dialogue with communities and Armed non-State Actors (ANSA) for more than a year to discuss the issue of humanitarian access.

This process has allowed Geneva Call to obtain a formal commitment from the ANSA, APCLS, to facilitate humanitarian access: ( The group commits to facilitating access to humanitarian organisations wanting to work within their remit. The leadership of the group also provides NGOs with a focal point, with whom it will be possible to negotiate access.

Geneva Call has also obtained a commitment from three local communities to facilitate access for NGOs and accompany them in their work.

This process has also led to the publication of a study on the subject entitled: “Negotiation of the humanitarian access in North Kivu: perceptions from Armed non-State Actors, communities and humanitarian actors” (available in French, here).

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Geneva Call is a neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian organisation working to improve the protection of civilians in armed conflict by strengthening the respect for the law of armed conflict by armed non-State actors (ANSAs).

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This project was made possible thanks to the support of ECHO, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, and the City of Geneva.


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