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Democratic Alliance of Burma Issues its Position on Landmines

Democratic Alliance of Burma Issues its Position on Landmines

Geneva – 8 June 2007

Last Thursday, the Democratic Alliance of Burma (DAB) issued a press release on its position on landmines. Though the statement falls short of a total ban on anti-personnel mines, Geneva Call is pleased to note this positive development, which complements a statement released by the National Democratic Front earlier this year.

The position statement follows various discussions Geneva Call has had with various members of the DAB and its secretariat over the course of a year. The following is an excerpt taken from the press release:

The Democratic Alliance of Burma takes the following positions:

  1. We recognize the existence of the international convention banning the use of anti-personnel mines which has been signed by several nations. We support the intentions of this convention.
  2. We would like to extend different kinds of consultation meetings and sharing the information not only among the member- organizations but also with the organizations involved in the armed conflict. We would like to sort out future tasks to get Co-operation and Co-ordination towards the land-mines free Burma in the future.
  3. We request that the international community uses effective pressure, immediately, to stop the military regime of Burma from waging war against civilian populations in defiance of international law.
  4. The DAB supports the decision taken by some of its members who felt able to sign the Deed of Commitment Under Geneva Call for Adherence to a Total Ban on Anti-personnel Mines and for Cooperation in Mine Action proposed by the international NGO Geneva Call.
  5. The DAB urges its members who must temporarily continue to use landmines for defending their peoples to:
    1. Take all possible measures to prevent harm to villagers and refugees.
    2. Seek ways and means to reduce landmine use to a minimum.
    3. Subject the use of landmines to strict rules and supervision.
    4. Work together with the civilian population to reduce risks of landmines.
    5. Give the greatest possible aid and assistance in cases where there is death, injury or loss caused by a landmine explosion.
    6. The DAB asks its member organizations to consult individually with Geneva Call if they feel they may be able to agree to the wishes of this international NGO.

The DAB is an alliance of opposition organisations in exile, including several armed non-State actors.

Geneva Call congratulates the DAB on this important step and encourages its members to do everything in their power to work towards a mine free Burma.


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