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Annual Report: in 2015, Geneva Call engaged with 61 active armed non-State actors on the protection of civilians

Geneva Call’s annual report 2015 is now out! In 2015, Geneva Call pursued its efforts to engage with armed non-State actors (ANSAs) in order to better protect civilian populations during armed conflict:

  • Geneva Call worked in 19 contexts, where it engaged with 61 active ANSAs, encouraging them to move towards compliance with humanitarian norms
  • 1,537 leaders, fighters, training instructors and representatives from local communities or authorities attended 84 awareness raising sessions and training workshops
  • 5 ANSAs signed 8 Deeds of Commitment
  • Geneva Call accompanied and monitored the implementation of the Deeds of Commitment with each of the 31 signatory ANSAs still active in 2015

Download Geneva Call’s 2015 Annual Report.


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