2019 - Humanitarian norms Annual Report 2019
2019 - Humanitarian norms Detailed report to the Board 31.12.2019
2019 - Humanitarian norms Audited Financial Statement 2019
2020 - Medical care Bringing Within Reach: The importance of engaging armed non-State actors to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic
2019 - Humanitarian norms Geneva call published a report entitled “sources of law and socio-cultural norms in Mali, a tool for the protection of civilians”
2019 - Humanitarian norms Negotiation of humanitarian access in North Kivu
2018 - Humanitarian norms Protected: Annual Report 2018
2018 - Medical care Deed of Commitment for the protection of health care in armed conflict, launched in 2018. ملنظمة نداء جنيف صك إلتزام وفقا حول محاية الرعاية الصحية خالل النزاعات املسلحة
2013 - Child protection Armed non-State actors and Child protection, 2013
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