In November 2016, Geneva Call gathered 21 armed movements from 11 countries, including Burma/Myanmar, Colombia, Syria and Yemen, as well as specialized humanitarian agencies for an unprecedented meeting in Geneva on how to better protect children and education in armed conflict.

The report provides a summary of key issues – such as the root causes of child recruitment, the demobilization and reintegration of child soldiers as well as the protection of schools from military use and attack that were addressed during this three-day meeting.

It also contains 24 practical recommendations that armed movements should take into consideration to better protect children from the effects of armed conflict and end the use of child soldiers as well as 14 recommendations directed to the United Nations agencies and humanitarian organizations in order to increase the protection and assistance of children in areas controlled by armed movements.

Since this meeting, Geneva Call has been working to promote the implementation of these recommendations on the ground.


Download the report here.

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