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FIGHTER NOT KILLER Campaign launched by Geneva Call against violations in Syria

Two years into the armed conflict in Syria, numerous flagrant and highly visible violations of the laws of war are contributing to a vicious circle of escalation and brutality, and the increased targeting of civilians. Geneva Call has launched a new campaign using TV, video and social media describing, with simple easy-to-follow graphics and voice-over, the obligations that ALL fighters must respect in armed conflict to protect civilians. See below for download details.

The message is straight down the line: fighter not killer. Just as video is now being used to portray escalations in violence, Geneva Call is using video to call for fighters to respect their obligations under international law to protect civilians.

Geneva Call identifies 15 main rules of international humanitarian law and has refined them down into 6 key points for the video spots :

  • Do not target civilian objects or public property
  • Do not target or attack civilians
  • Respect and protect medical personnel and objects
  • Treat all people under your control humanely
  • Do not use prohibited weapons or unlawful methods of warfare
  • Do not recruit children or use them in combat or hostilities

Videos in this series have been viewed by more than 177,000 people in the first week, and have been promoted by the Syrian National Coalition and the Syrian Red Crescent. Geneva Call has also produced a booklet showing all 15 rules using cartoons and very short explanatory text. Geneva Call is grateful to the many individuals and organisations who have begun disseminating the videos, posting them on their social media accounts, blogging and posting articles.

The videos are available at Fighter not Killer on facebook.
The videos can be viewed  in low resolution here and the booklet here.
For high resolution download for TV use, please contact Geneva Call.



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