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IN THEIR WORDS – a new video featuring 13 representatives of armed non-State actors

Geneva Call has just released a short video featuring 13 high-level representatives of armed non-State actors (ANSAs) from 10 countries, including Syria, Burma/Myanmar and Sudan. In it, they explain why they think it is so important to enter into a dialogue with Geneva Call on humanitarian norms and the protection of civilian populations.

View the video:

Although ANSAs are responsible for violations of humanitarian norms in many conflicts, it is possible to engage them in a dialogue about respecting those norms; Geneva Call’s daily activities are a testament to this.

It is in ANSAs’ interests to respect humanitarian norms, not only to gain support from populations in the areas they control but also to maintain a good reputation. Complying with humanitarian norms often sits well with the political or religious values that are at the root of their struggle, and compliance can make them more credible interlocutors when peace negotiations take place.

These statements were filmed at Geneva Call’s Third Meeting of Signatories in November 2014. This meeting in Geneva brought together 70 high-level representatives of 36 ANSAs from 14 different countries.


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The publication of this video does not in any way imply the statements made by the representatives of armed non-State actors are compliant with International Humanitarian Law or International Human Rights Law nor that they have been implemented and respected in practice.


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