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Syria: Geneva Call calls all parties to the conflict to stop indiscriminate attacks in Aleppo

Geneva Call is deeply concerned about violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) by all parties to the conflict reported by media and national and international organizations during the ongoing armed operations in Aleppo.

In the last few days, there has been a worrying intensification of IHL violations, due to indiscriminate aerial bombings and shelling by State actors in areas controlled by armed non-State actors (ANSAs) and indiscriminate shelling on populated areas by ANSAs in West Aleppo, both leading to dozens of civilian casualties.

Geneva Call calls on all parties to ensure respect of fundamental humanitarian norms, and more specifically, not to use prohibited weapons such as chemical weapons, to respect the rights of the civilian population and to take all precautions to avoid civilian casualties. It is imperative that all parties to the conflict investigate the reported violations and take all necessary measures to prevent them in future.

Geneva Call is currently in dialogue with four of the main armed non-State actors (ANSAs) in Syria on the respect of humanitarian norms and the protection of civilians and has, in 2016 alone, trained more than 160 members of  Syrian ANSAs and more than 130 members of civil society on IHL.

The organization is also carrying out a campaign called “Fighter not Killer” to raise awareness about the rules of war among fighters from all parties, remind them of their obligation to respect humanitarian norms and protect the civilian population. The campaign is currently running on Facebook and on four TV channels including Orient TV and Al Aan TVs.


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