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Open Letter from Geneva Call to the Government of Colombia and to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia with regards to the beginning of peace talks

President Juan Manuel Santos
Commander Timoleón Jiménez,

Geneva Call sends you first of all its best regards. Since its beginnings in 2000, Geneva Call has focused on the protection of civilian populations through promoting compliance by armed non-state actors with specific humanitarian norms.

It is with a deep sense of satisfaction and great hope that we therefore welcome the beginning of a process of dialogue between the Government of Colombia and the FARC–EP. Geneva Call recognizes that the country has greatly suffered from the effects of the armed conflict and expects that these talks will lead to a peace that is sustainable and just.

It is Geneva Call’s wish that the Colombian conflict comes to an end as soon as possible. Nevertheless, we consider that while the conflict continues and humanitarian concerns remain, it is necessary to make every effort to limit their negative impact on the civilian population.

Respect for humanitarian norms related to armed conflict is fundamental. Serious violations can only endanger efforts towards a lasting peace.

Geneva Call therefore encourages all parties to keep in mind the humanitarian issues that are of concern to national public opinion. It is important not only to assist the victims of the conflict, but at the same time to strive to prevent more people from becoming victims.

With our best wishes for a successful start to the talks,

Yours faithfully,

Elisabeth Decrey Warner
Geneva Call



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