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Geneva Call in the world’s Top 100 Best NGOs

Geneva Call in the world’s Top 100 Best NGOs

Geneva Call is honoured to find itself in The Global Journal’s Top 100 Best non-­governmental organisations.

Ranking 94th alongside some of the world’s top charities, Geneva Call is pleased to be recognised for its qualities and the unique work that it performs. The list was compiled according to criteria including innovation, effectiveness, impact, efficiency, transparency, sustainability, strategic & financial management, and also importantly peer review.

This international recognition for Geneva Call is also an opportunity to thank all its donors, supporters and partners; and especially its dedicated and committed staff for helping the organisation achieve its goals : the protection of civilians in armed conflict through providing the opportunity to armed non-­State actors around the world to understand and adhere to international humanitarian norms.

Through its innovative Deed of Commitment Geneva Call helps bring armed groups, rebel movements and insurgents to discuss, and ultimately to make their own, key humanitarian norms and thereby change the way they act towards civilians. Deeds of Commitment are already in place banning anti-­personnel landmines, and prohibiting the use and association of children in armed conflict. A third Deed will be published shortly prohibiting sexual violence and gender discrimination in armed conflict. Nor does Geneva Call stop with the signature of a Deed -­ it helps ensure that the armed groups’ commitments are sustained and monitored on the ground over time.

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