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Annual Report 2016 : protecting civilians in the turmoil of war

Geneva Call’s annual report 2016 is now out. 2016 was marked by at least 36 non-international armed conflicts taking place in 20 States. Geneva Call worked to prevent abuses against civilians in 14 of these conflicts including some of the major ones and engaged in dialogue with 61 armed non-State actors on the respect of humanitarian norms.

In 2016, among other achievements, Geneva Call :

  • negotiated humanitarian agreements with leaders of armed non-State actors for the benefit of civilians affected by armed conflict.
  • increased the knowledge of humanitarian norms amongst 3,321 leaders and fighters, as well as trainers of armed movements, and representatives from local communities or authorities including, 811 women.
  • organized a meeting which gathered 31 representatives of 21 armed movements to seek to enhance the protection of children.
  • raised awareness of humanitarian norms amongst 12 million people in Iraq, Syria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo thanks to the “Fighter not Killer” media campaign.
  • defined in its 2017-2019 strategy how it will scale up its operations and reinforce its infrastructure in order to address the increasing needs to protect civilians and the growing complexity of conflict situations.


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