In situations of armed conflict and violence, Geneva Call, as a neutral, impartial and independent international humanitarian organisation, endeavours to strengthen the respect for international humanitarian law (IHL) and principles by armed non-State actors (ANSAs), in order to improve the protection of civilians, while supporting local civil society and communities in their efforts to enhance their protection.

Geneva Call focuses on the following thematic areas under the umbrella of international humanitarian norms – the ban on the use of anti-personnel mines, the protection of children and education, the prohibition of sexual violence and gender discrimination, the prevention of displacement, the protection of cultural heritage and the protection of health care – all in the context of armed conflict and violence.

To develop a more gender-sensitive and -responsive approach to strengthen community capacities and influence armed actors for the better protection of civilians, it is essential to have a nuanced understanding of the different gender roles and their influence and impact on armed actors vis-à-vis the respect for humanitarian norms. Similarly, understanding better the effects of armed conflict on women, men, girls and boys will support evidence-based and impact-focused programme approaches of Geneva Call and its partners.


As a significant element of its programme design, Geneva Call will conduct a comparative cross-country research project on the effects of armed conflict on – and roles therein of – women, men, girls and boys in the diverse conflict contexts of the Southern Philippines and Southern Thailand.

The objectives of this research will be to analyse:

  • the specific vulnerabilities of men, women, girls and boys to protection risks and in relation to the conduct of armed actors in the current contexts of armed conflict and armed violence;
  • the roles of men, women, girls and boys in conflict-affected areas and their relationship with and influence and impact on armed non-State actors;

The assumption behind the research is that particular vulnerabilities affect different genders and ages during armed conflict and that men, women, girls and boys can play both positive and negative roles in relation to the protection of civilians. Moreover, it is assumed that these vulnerabilities and roles have changed as the nature of conflicts and key parties have evolved, as such this research will aim to analyse the current active conflict contexts.


This operational and conflict-sensitive research will be conducted through a research team/consultant based in either the Philippines or Thailand, working under Geneva Call’s guidance.

The research team/consultant will be expected to review literature on the topic (both from Geneva Call and external sources) and conduct interviews and focus group discussions with key stakeholders and communities on the ground in both countries, centred in Mindanao in the Philippines and the southernmost provinces in Thailand. The research should make appropriate analyses and provide recommendations to Geneva Call, its local partners, and other humanitarian actors on appropriate protection programming. The primary aim is to enable Geneva Call to tailor its programming to better respond to the needs of all civilians with due consideration to the unique needs of vulnerable communities and the intersecting needs arising from individual vulnerabilities (e.g. gender, age, disability, ethnicity) in both preparedness and response planning.

Deliverables (with estimated timeline)


  1. Submission of Technical and Financial Proposal (by end-September).
  2. Organizing a Team. It is an initiative of the researcher to organise a team to gather data in both countries, arrange logistics and carry out appropriate risk analysis.
  3. Review of literature
  4. Data Collection
  1. Analysis of Data (2 weeks)
  • Compile the relevant existing data from relevant sources and analyse as per identified objectives
  • Analyse results of interviews and focus group discussions
  1. Initial Report (By mid-October)
  • Drafting of an initial report for Geneva Call’s review
  • Disaggregate data sets for data visualization (charts, and powerpoint presentation – if necessary)
  1. Final Report and Presentation to Geneva Call (By end of October)
  • One clean, qualitative raw data set
  • One presentation delivered to Geneva Call staff
  • One overall report including:
  • Background
  • Methodology
  • Key Findings
  • Recommendations


To apply please submit the following to, ref: “Research Consultant” no later than 2nd October 2021.

  • A CV
  • Technical proposal, including the proposed methodology describing the different steps, a timeline, the proposed tools (incl. proposed sample for interviews or FGDs) that will be used for each step
  • Financial proposal in Philippines Peso or Thai Baht (Budget is Php500,000 or THB360,000)
  • two Examples of previous research/study/report conducted
  • Two references

The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • A complete application, with all required documents
  • Coherence and quality of the methodology
  • Experience and proven competency in research and fieldwork, in the field of protection, gender or humanitarian affairs
  • Work experience and/or network in the context of Southern Philippines and Southern Thailand
  • Knowledge of the themes of the research (armed conflict/violence, civilian protection, gender, and humanitarian norms)


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