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Geneva Call (www.genevacall.org) is a Swiss neutral, impartial, and independent international humanitarian organisation with a country office in Kyiv, Ukraine. Geneva Call develops sustainable long-term humanitarian engagement to promote the respect of international humanitarian norms by fighting parties.

I – Objectives

Geneva Call is seeking a suitable partner organization to launch an IHL communication campaign to promote international humanitarian law and norms in Ukraine. The partnership which Geneva Call is looking to step into will seek to support the following two activities of it’s ongoing mission:

Activity 1.1: Design, produce and disseminate an innovative and context-based mass and social media campaign promoting the protection of civilians, civilian infrastructures, and humanitarian aid, combining several online and offline elements, such as smartphone apps and video. The objective is to generate broader awareness of international humanitarian law, including among weapon bearers that typically fall into advocacy gaps, all of which have a significant impact on civilian protection and the respect of humanitarian aid.

Activity 2.2: Design, produce and disseminate innovative mass and social media campaign targeted at civic actors to promote the protection of civic actors and aid workers; and promote the protection of rapid, unimpeded, and safe humanitarian access. The campaigns will combine several elements to be used on and off-line such as smartphone apps and videos (available in Ukrainian and Russian) and will be complementary to the campaign detailed under Activity 1.1. This additional campaign will focus on the right to protection for civilians and aid workers as right holders while the campaign under output 1 focuses on obligations of weapon bearers as duty bearers.

In its present programming, Geneva Call is currently using some of this material and aims to create new tools to expand the current campaign to national level. The mass communication campaign aims to leverage social media and serve as a influence pathway for weapon bearers who can access the information on their smartphone. The content produced will be inspired by real situations in armed conflict faced by weapon bearers and scenarios will aim to take the viewer into situations where he/she has to make fast decisions related to IHL.

The material will be designed and produced by a local partner with experience and the legal advice from Geneva Call’s expert team.

II – Main Tasks and Responsibilities

Task 1: Production and post-production of 30 to 40 videos of IHL content.
– Scrip writing, production (including renting location, etc.) and postproduction of videos of around 10 minutes.

Task 2: Social Media marketing and promotion.
– Promotion on google each videos on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and, if necessary, other media + collection of feedback

Task 3: Communications strategy.
– A clear and well-thought out communications strategy needs to be elaborated in the project proposal.

• The precise structure and content of the communications campaign such as specific audience, segmentation approach, channels and targets can be proposed by the applying organization.
• The partnership sought for the communication campaign is with Ukrainian civil organisations with experience in communicating on and exploring topics with their communities through peer-to-peer education campaigns.
• Access to an expert on international humanitarian law is essential for the partnership.
• The main output consists of the production of videos explaining the main rules of IHL (around 5-20 minutes). Videos will be posted on YouTube and promoted on social media. Submission around additional communication channels are encouraged. Interested organisations are welcome to propose creative and new approaches to the communication campaign project.
• Duration: between 3 and 5 months depending on production time
• Budget: to be determined

III – Conditions

• Providers are entitled to bid for the whole project only.
• Payments will be made by bank transfers only.
• Further information could be asked to support the bid from initial long listed bidders which will not guarantee final selection.
• Geneva Call will not pay any cost for information collection or preparation of bid by bidders.
• Only the successful bidders will be contacted. Offers will be reviewed soon after closing date. A selection committee will gather administrative and technical personnel of Geneva Call.

IV – Required Skills and Competencies

The key factors stated below will be taken into consideration during the evaluation process:

• Organizational capacity and previous work experience in Ukraine.
• Methodological/technical experience in community engagement, outreach and communications campaigns.
• Knowledge or access to IHL & IHRL experts (preferably Ukrainian).
• Financial aspects (fees, breakdown of activity costs, etc.).
• A capacity statement with short CVs of individuals to be involved in this assignment.

V – Submission and Selection Process

Interested bidders are requested to submit a Project Proposal and Financial Proposal (in UAH).

Service providers will be evaluated based on following criteria: the weight for technical portion of the proposal will be 60% and financial 40%.

The IHL communications campaign is estimated to take place within the period of November-January 2022. In order to be considered, proposals require the submission of:
1. Technical Proposal
2. Financial Proposal (budget)

Proposals shall be sent to SBozhinova@genevacall.org and copying VRoux@genevacall.org

Closing Date: 21/11/2022

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