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Appel de Genève – Geneva Call
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Giulio Vialetto
Communication Assistant
+41 76 580 28 34


About Geneva Call


Geneva Call is a leading international non-governmental humanitarian organisation committed to protecting civilians in armed conflicts through enhancing respect for humanitarian norms and principles by armed groups and de facto authorities. Founded in 2000, Geneva Call is registered as a Foundation under Swiss law and active in 16 countries.


I – Objectives

To better communicate about its mission and achievements, Geneva Call seeks to set up a framework contract with one or several suppliers (individual or company) able to produce a wide array of high-quality photography and AV outputs upon demand.


Selected applicants will be qualified as pre-agreed suppliers of the organization within a framework contract of an initial duration of two years. Pre-agreed suppliers will be contracted upon demand for specific mandates, the scope and deliverables of which will be defined on a case-by-case basis.


II – Main tasks and responsibilities 


The contracted provider shall produce a wide array of high-quality material for Geneva Call’s online and offline communications to increase its visibility among the public, the humanitarian community, and private and public donors. The selected provider is expected to take photos and produce high-quality videos of public events, conferences, and private meetings organised by Geneva Call.


Given the sensitivity of some topics and situations, a high level of discretion, political sensitivity and confidentiality are required, especially during closed-door events and meetings.


III – Tender requirements

Applicants are requested to submit an offer including the following documents:

  • A short description (max 2 pages) of the applicant’s overall history, qualifications, and experience in photo & AV production.
  • A sample booklet of the applicant’s recent photos (not older than 3 years) and AV production including:
    1. A selection of pictures (portraits, meetings, social events or any other “corporate” pictures)
    2. At least 3 excerpts of (or links to) video products (at least 1 min) produced and edited for various purposes (social media clips, website embedded products, live webcasts, etc)
  • A financial offer including an all-included (incl. VAT) rate in CHF for a half-day engagement (including preparation, production and post-production)
  • A copy of any relevant registration document attesting the applicant’s ability to provide services as an independent contractor in Switzerland (AVS certificate).


Please note that applications not fulfilling the above formal requirements will not be considered.


IV – Required skills and competencies 

  • Personal qualifications and/or quality of the pool of photographers/videographers.
  • The selected individual or company must be comfortable with a wide range of equipment and systems and should have his/her/their own camera and equipment.
  • Ability to work with humanitarian organizations or other INGOs.
  • Creative skills, political sensitivities, and innovative approaches to photo/AV production.
  • High level of reliability, discretion, and confidentiality
  • Fluency in English and/or French


V – Submission and selection process  

Interested providers are requested to submit an offer following the criteria set above.

Offers should be sent by email to gvialetto@genevacall.org by the 31st of August with the following subject: CALL FOR TENDER – PHOTO & VIDEO.

Geneva Call will review all bids and will assign a score based on predefined criteria.

The contract will be concluded with the bidder(s) with the highest score and who represent the best overall value for Geneva Call.

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